"Leave it to Yukari 1" and "Leave it to Yukari 2": written and spoken by Ayako, Yukiko and Yukari. Masanori helped in the recording of one of their commercials. Kris helped in the recording of Leave it to Yukari 1, when the real Yukari had the flu, and Leave it to Yukari 2, when Yukiko was unavailable for the rerecording.
Disclaimer: This program features excerpts from copyrighted two songs, "Onegai Senorita" by Orange Range and "My Baby Left Me" by Elvis. During this project I encourged the students to think about the various features of radio programs, which inevitably includes music and other forms of background music, and many students decided to include these in their recordings to make them sound as authentic as possible. Considering the effort the students went to, I did not want to alter their finished products. No money has been or will be made from these recordings and the inclusion of the copyrighted music is purely for educational purposes.
"Leave it to Yukari" is a love counselling show. The caller, Ayako, is worried about having a long distance relationship with her boyfriend once they graduate from university. Yukari is the DJ. Yukiko is the love counseller. This program is unique because the students made two commercials which are included during the show. The first is an advertisement for another radio program, "Makiko's Hot Love Counselling Show". The second is a commercial for a fictional car company, "Honta". They use a mixture of narration and drama in their commercial. Unfortunately my recording and mixing does not do it justice.