"Makiko's hot love counselling show": written and spoken by Yoshimi, Hiroko, Emi, Makiko, Chika and Masanori. Recorded and mixed by Kristen Sullivan.
Disclaimer: This program features excerpts from copyrighted two songs, one unknown and "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne. It also features a sound bite taken from one of the student's mobile phones. During this project I encourged the students to think about the various features of radio programs, which inevitably includes music and other forms of background music, and many students decided to include these in their recordings to make them sound as authentic as possible. Considering the effort the students went to, I did not want to alter their finished products. No money has been or will be made from these recordings and the inclusion of the copyrighted music is purely for educational purposes.
"Makiko's hot love counselling show" is a call-in love counselling show. Makiko is the DJ. Hiroko's character is not sure what to do about her relationship with her boyfriend. She feels like he is too controlling of her and knows that she should break up with him, but doesn't want to lose his friendship. Emi is the first listener to call in and give advice, and Chika is the second caller. Masanori is the resident love psychologist. This program also features a commercial performed by Yoshimi.