pKj - Podcast Project
What is a podcast? (English/Japanese)

In semester 2 2005 my 3/4 year class embarked upon a podcast/digital radio class project. Click here to listen to each group's radio program!!

Yoshimi, Hiroko, Emi, Makiko, Chika and Masanori "Makiko's hot love counselling show"
Ayako, Yukiko and Yukari

"Leave it to Yukari" - A love counselling show

Ayano, Kanami, Akiko and Mustafa "Ask Ayano" - A love counselling show
Godai and Hisanori "The Movie Studio" - An interview with the anime director,"Miyazaki"
Seiki and Kazumasa "S & K Radio" - Interviews with foreigners about their lives in Japan
Kohei "Hot teenage radio" - Introduces young people with guts and hot beats.
Yuuki A current affairs program
The semester was 12 weeks long and followed the following course:
Week Number
Class Details
Week One Self Introductions and Orientation
Week Two Introduction to Radio Programs - In this class we talked about our media use in genreal and then listened to five examples of radio programs taken from on-line sources. We discussed the various types of radio programs which exist and also talked about the various features of each program that we listened to.
Week Three News Program Analysis - In this class we looked at one particular type of radio program - the news program. Within the topic of "news" we listened to and identified several sub-categories, such as entertainment news, weather, sports news, etc and again tried to think about the different features of each type of news program.
Week Four Introductions and Reviews - In this class we listened to several examples of "introductions" taken from several radio programs. We tried to indentify what kind of introductions they were, and also investigated the language used in radio introductions. For home work we looked at the structure of movie reviews.
Week Five Interviews and Funtional English - In this class we listened to two different types of interviews - one an actual interview taken from a radio program and one an edited interview taken from a learner's resource book. We discussed how interviews are not just a series of questions and answers, but are messy and require negotiation. We then listened to several examples of real interviews taken from on-line radio programs and identified how various things were achieved by the participants, such as expressing surprise, starting a new topic, confirming information, changing the topic, apologising, etc.
Week Six - During the first five weeks the students had chances to discuss the types of radio programs they would like to do, but the real negotiation of this began in Week Six. During class time the students formed groups and began to think of ideas for there radio projects. Over the next few weeks the students began to write their scripts, and rewrite their scripts, and then practice their scripts before recording them in early January just after the winter holiday.
Week Fourteen In the last class we listened to each groups finished product and everyone gave feedback to eachother. We then discussed ways that students could continue with their English study using the various resources now available on the Internet.