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Shidai News Volume Two: Please listen to your news stories from last week. Don't forget to prepare your feedback (one for you and one for another student). Please click your name below to hear your radio program.
Atsuko (wma)
Ayumi (wma)
Hiroko (wma)
Kazuki (wma)
Kourai & Shinji (wma)
Miki (wma)
Naoki (wma)
Welcome to Shidai News!! Shimonoseki City University's own podcast, made by Shidai students for Shidai students. Listen to volume one here! Today's volume is about the university festival. What did you think of the university festival??? Please send your comments to: and maybe we will read them out in next week's program!!!!!!
Shidai News Volume One (mp3) Shidai News Volume One (wma)
Practice Recording One: How to university students spend their summer holidays?
DJ Kazuki (featuring Hiroko, Masaki and Atsuko)
DJ Kazuki: streaming (wma) DJ Kazuki: mp3
DJ Naoki (featuring Miki, Ayumi and Gao Lei)
DJ Naoki: streaming (wma) DJ Naoki: mp3